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Home Theater Systems

Personal Touch....

No matter how you design it, whether it's a dedicated theater room or in your family room. We have systems for you that incorporate a High-Definition TV display, and a spectacular surround sound system that will make watching a movie or sporting event at home feel like a totally new experience.

Whether you choose a Flat panel Plasma or LCD screen, a rear projection DLP or LCD TV or a two piece front projector and screen you'll be able to re-create a cinematic movie experience without leaving home.


Our systems all revolve around a "One Touch to Movies or Music" concept that eliminates all of your other controls, and allows you one easy-to-use remote control, that even your mom can operate. There are buttons on the remote that say, Watch a Movie, Watch TV and Listen to Music, we take care of all the programming so you don't have to worry about not seeing the big game or having to return a movie you never watched. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who never knew it could be so simple.

Professional Designs....

Media Rooms - Our most frequently requested projects are in the Family Room or Great Room of a home where that area will be used for multiple purposes, a room where you can watch TV or a movie, play a video game, help the kids with their homework, read the paper or just relax with a cup of coffee and catch up on the days events. You can choose to have us mount a Plasma display on the wall or install a rear projection DLP in your entertainment center. Either way you can simply watch TV or fire up the surround sound and re-create being at the movies.

Theater Rooms - We refer to Theater Rooms as a room dedicated to watching TV, movies or playing video games, it's a place where the ambient or existing light in the room is carefully controlled so that we can use a Two-Piece Video projector and screen to give you a huge theater-like image. Dedicated rooms are generally in the basement or located in a room with few or no windows. If you have the space or are building out your basement right away, it's the coolest way to experience watching TV or a movie at home.

Plasma/LCD - With the price of Plasma and LCD's coming down everyday, and with the ability to hang them on the wall, taking up no floor space; this technology is the choice in the majority of our media room systems. The viewable life expectancy of the newest plasmas and LCD's has been extended up to 60,000 hours, that's 10 hours a day for over 16 years, not bad. There are no lamps to replace or services to perform, just turn it on and watch. If you have yet to experience true High Definition TV on one of these screens, let Home Systems of New Jersey work with you to make it happen! You will be left speechless!!

DLP - Digital Light Processing an innovation from Texas Instruments is a less expensive way to achieve a big screen TV. The picture is crisp and unbelievably clear and is available in an over 70" screen for around $5000. Like any rear projection format, however, watching from off center whether standing or off to one side is somewhat limited, due to the fact that there is a lens that the picture is being reflected onto.

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